I am a French astrologer and homeopathic practitioner who lives and works in Paris, France. I give astrology readings and homeopathic counseling on Skype, by phone or at my office, as well as classes and lectures all over Europe.
With the help of my long professional experience and through precise advice and forecasts, I answer your questions, help you get a clearer picture of your present life and help you make the right decisions regarding the future. The in-depth study of your astrological chart may also define the homeopathic remedy that suits you the best and helps restore your inner balance.

Astrological Consultation

The astrological consultation is based on a three step process:

a psychological analysis focusing on your capacities and the difficulties you are encountering


an evaluation of your current situation and forecasts concerning your inner life, love, career, health, family, etc.

personalized advice: personal development, career guidance, love compatibility, employment interview, support in decision making, etc.

The consultation also gives answers to questions that arise during crucial periods of life, such as:

 what unconscious influences are conditioning my behavior?

what strategy is best pursued in order to reach my goals?

how can I help my child towards adulthood?




Astro-Homeopathic Counseling

Astro-homeopathic counseling is based on the precise knowledge of your personality provided by your natal chart, your physical & mental symptoms and your dreams. With the help of this information, the choice of the most appropriate homeopathic remedy is made. Since homeopathy works equally on physical, emotional and mental levels, the remedy chosen reinforces the information given by astrology and helps you recover your inner equilibrium.



Astrology & Homeopathy

Astrology is a part of our traditional and cultural legacy, but nowadays it is unfortunately mostly known through horoscopes in the media. Based on the analogy between the human being and the Sky, it has, however, much more to propose: a different and distinct view of ourselves, others and society. Moreover, it gives reliable and immutable points of reference that are sadly missing in the present times.

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine invented at the end of the 18th Century by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Like astrology, homeopathy is based on the analogy existing between the human being and the different realms of Nature. When a remedy is wisely chosen, its curative effects are soft, rapid, safe, and highly effective on body, soul and mind.





Both sciences originated within Western tradition and developed from a common thinking pattern: analogy. That is why Astro-Homeopathy connects the human being to the Sky and to Nature: the natural substance suitable for a person should be determined according to the signs of the Sky as well as curative elements of nature.



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